Of dreams and prophecies

In my fourth Whiteout Wednesday challenge, I want to talk about the dreams and their meanings. There are many who have experienced dreams that have foretold their future. It is to them that I want to ask - are we ever going to live in peace again? There is so much of grief, violence and … Continue reading Of dreams and prophecies

Smoldering Passions

In my third attempt atĀ accepting the Whiteout Wednesday challenge I suddenly realize that it's "whiteout" and not "wipeout"!! Oops! Making amends this post onward. So anyways, here I am at it again. This time it's all about love and lust. Some times it might seem interchangeable but when all else "fail", only love can keep … Continue reading Smoldering Passions

You Only Live Once

Came across this fantastic Wipeout Wednesday 1Ā challenge that really put the rusted clogs in gear. The challenge is to wipeout words from a given excerpt, without making any other changes, to create your own masterpiece. I wouldn't really call mine that but it's a fair effort at trying to say something. Heard of YOLO right? … Continue reading You Only Live Once

A short story

https://kmmyrman.files.wordpress.com/2017/03/classic-1834499_640.jpg?w=490 Image from It starts with one word...it ends with one too. LOVE - a complete story in itself. Written for Twittering Tales #21Ā in 82 characters The challenge was to write something using the photo prompt, maybe using the words included here, in 140 characters. IĀ tried my level best to exceed expectations, in fact I … Continue reading A short story

An act of love

https://bikurgurl.files.wordpress.com/2017/03/20160808_014354289_ios.jpg?w=663 Image Credit: Bikurgurl Written for 100 Word flash fiction challenge by Bikurgurl He loved quoting Shakespeare to her - "All the world's a stage..." and blah blah. She remembered the passion on his face every time he set about making each conversation an act in a play. Her life had definitely been dramatic while … Continue reading An act of love