It happened over a chat. A chance connection Clipping another link in place In a long never-ending chain Of friends. It was a sharing of Space and time, Long enough to Take the mind off Thoughts that tend to linger. Time flew by faster Than a cuckoo fleeing The nest of the surrogate. Water under … Continue reading Titanic

Love lost… Or not?

I'm just sitting here Trying to wrap my head Around the fact That it could be the end Of something that began Without me knowing. I wait, patiently For the memory reel To rewind and play- Flashback mode. But nothing happens. It's like we never were. Strangely, I feel grateful For this amnesiac moment. I … Continue reading Love lost… Or not?

Th1rteen R3asons needed?

Have you ever noticed all the sounds around us? The crackling of spices as they are thoughtlessly thrown into the hissing oil. The whistling of the pressure cooker as it tries to make its presence felt. The persistent drip-drip of that tap you've been meaning to fix since summer. People shout to gain your attention over … Continue reading Th1rteen R3asons needed?

What’s Cooking?

Thinking about cooking up a storm?

The Grateful Dead

She says she doesn’t know cooking

So there is no use talking

Of techniques or flavours,

Or aromas or colours.

The only thing she gets

Is the food on her plate.

Yet she deep fries her lies,

And seasons it with tears.

And sautes to develop

The flavor of her fears.

A quick blanch can soften

Her tough cold heart.

And if you roast often

Everyone’s a piece of art.

She sugar coats her anger

Before baking it with vengeance.

Dollops of added hatred,

Oh! What a sweet indulgence!

She might find the kitchen

A foreign territory

But still she’s a certified

Master Chef of misery.

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It’s not over till you surrender

The Grateful Dead

From the corner where he stood

On his one-legged pride

And tattered spirit,

He saw her fight

The demons that crept up

Her slender thighs

To trap her in a nightmare

That would never end.

He found her beautiful.

Despite the dark glasses

And the tap-tapping stick

She managed to glide along

The roads where angels feared to tread.

She burned brightly

Even in the darkness

Till all he could remember was

The tingling sensation in the eyes

After having stared too hard

At the bright glowing sun.

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