From high up on the tree canopies They once witnessed the world. Green, yellow and all the shades in between Coloured the horizon And everything that could be seen. They teetered and tottered Watching the melodrama unfold As they watched their "improved versions" Act like their ancestors of old. One day, the men looked up … Continue reading Voyeurism


Great Expectations

You put me in a glass case - A prisoner of your expectations, And watch closely To make sure there are no deviations From your twisted sense of perfection. You stick the label of your choice And guilt me into believing I'd be missing out on all the joys If I didn't accept the Godhead … Continue reading Great Expectations

The Love of Designs

A friend of mine churns out these absolutely gorgeous jewellery that leave me stunned at her creativity. She calls her brand Amoda...I think it means happiness. How apt is that! A little bit of sunshine dangling from my ears...I wouldn't mind, no siree, I wouldn't mind at all! Here's to more features and popularity of … Continue reading The Love of Designs

Return to Innocence

​Boxes of mischief stacked in a corner, Beckon like a sirens call. I look at everything in wonder; Feels like I'm about three feet tall. Giggles escape as I remember my fate After stuffing my face at an alarming rate With goodies that promised experiences divine (But just ended up increasing this weight of mine!) … Continue reading Return to Innocence

Hamster’s Wheel

Once upon a time, there was nothing routine about life. Thankfully, every minute was something new. There was always something new to discover...But now, life has gained new heights of monotony. From the moment I wake up to the time I finally sink back in the bed, I know exactly what I am supposed to be … Continue reading Hamster’s Wheel