Green Eyed Monster

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where no matter what you did, you would always be wrong? Kind of like answering the Sphinx or one of those games where you had to be cunningly smart to figure out the hidden exit. Well, technically even those problems have a solution. So let’s call it a Lose-Lose situation where you start the game knowing that you will fail and that too miserably.

Remember when we were young and having the other kids in class envy us our marks, skills, popularity, boyfriend…hell, even lunch for that matter…felt great? God forbid if anyone were to feel jealous of you now! The adults are not so generous when it comes to handling envy. If you’re good, that’s nice. But if you’re better than them, you’re doomed.

Green-eyed monster, flick your tongue
Poison all the things I’ve done
Put the veil on nice and thick
Over their eyes. Flick! Flick! Flick!
Poke them with your horns, ensure
Nothing worth it is counted for.
Make them seethe in hate and fear.
God forbid anyone comes near!
Hit them right between their eyes
Fill their hearts with hateful sighs.
If they holler let them know
Where I am. Get, set, go!
Sink your teeth deep and clench
Should they like this miserable wench.
That would signal the end of things!
Hold them tight, you green mean king!


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