Taking Back Control

Considering how “in control” most of us feel, its quite ironic that the moment we meet someone “trustworthy”, we are more than willing to hand over the steering wheel. Let them take us wherever they please. Let them choose the path we must tread and the obstacles we must face. A very few lucky ones find a true guide; most of us are as easily misled as sheep following the butcher to the slaughterhouse.

You were the knife in my life.
Slashing at my feelings, in the name of healing.
Chopping down my ego, pricking till the blood flows.
But numbing me to pain, was all that you could gain.
For I’m the chef, and I’m tired of playing it safe.

But as they say, it’s never too late. Sit on the driver’s seat and get your hands on the wheel. Change your pace if that’s what you feel. Stop to sniff the roses or zoom past the tranquil meadows. It’s your life – make it yours.


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