This one’s for you, Papa


It’s raining outside…I can’t see the raindrops make a mess of things but the sound of their eager splatter echoes inside the room. The sudden darkening of the day outside is so symbolic. Just like the shade that my mood swings cast on my naturally “sunny disposition”. I think of all the things that I can write now that I have finally managed to get a blog started. The only thing that really truly hits me is that the one person whose opinion would have really mattered is no longer there to give it.

Papa, I love you and miss you every single day. Without fail. Sometimes, I feel that you might be hiding in the shadows somewhere, reading every thing I write, silently squirming at every grammatical error or desperately wanting to rebuke me for my lack of discipline. Once, your criticism was all that I could see. But now I know how proud you were of me.  If only….

Big fat blobs of water made their way down her cheeks
Lovingly caressing the sweetness of her skin.
She looked up and saw his smiling face.
Her father was with her again.

I know I can’t hold your hand anymore when I stumble. But something deep inside me knows that you will still catch me if I fall..


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