Speaking your Mind

Living in the Indian society if there is one thing that every body knows, it is that what other’s think counts way more than what you or your loved ones think about the decisions that you make.Every one is so scared of this monster that no one is truly living. We are all just existing in time and space.

I know of many relationships that exist solely on the threat that the society poses. What will people think? Who will marry our children? So much more convenient that they screw up their own chance at happiness than to fight for what they want. And why is a fight required in the first place, I just don’t get it. No one really truly gives a damn about what you’re going through anyways. Who are you worried about? It’s just all in the head. Like the boogeyman or the abominable yeti.

They say you should be happy with what you’ve got .
They say you’re fated to be what you are, destined to be what you’re not.
They say that everything in this world can be easily bought.
Yet they don’t say what they really think; only what they think they ought.

Sometimes it helps to know that everyone else is just as clueless and frightened by this as I am. It makes it easier to accept compromises. At least we are all together in our suffering.


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