Who is stronger? 

​It was the third time this week that the house was filled with the sound of breaking glass, and it was only Wednesday today. I shuddered slightly at the thought. There would be three more days to go through before the blessed Sabbath day. Even he know better than to make me work on a … Continue reading Who is stronger? 

Test of Love

“Think of it as a test”, he said. “You shouldn’t have anything to worry about…if you’re right. It’s only a matter of a few minutes and then everyone will be happy. Don’t you want to be accepted?” It was so easy for him to say that, after all he wouldn’t be the one having someone … Continue reading Test of Love

Smoking kills…others

Even with my eyes shut, I feel its all-pervasiveness This smoke that rises from my heart burning at his fingertips. He laughs at the worry lines on my forehead And says that a little fun never killed anyone... So night after night, I sleep with the devil- His musky perfume filling my lungs, He promises … Continue reading Smoking kills…others