Mutual Admiration

The old cherry blossom tree stretched

To adjust it’s swollen limbs better

To spread wider; to reach higher

And shade the world’s ugliness with it’s beauty.

She had made her peace in this place

Where she grew stronger to the sound of laughter;

Where she helped the endless tears

Find their way to the pond nearby;

Where she helped budding romance

Bloom to its full glory.
One day, upon the pond’s surface

she noticed a new life stirring.

It emerged – a Lily, pure and white

Yet shy upon being cast out to face a new life.

The novelty of unfurling its petals and greeting the world,

Overwhelmed the poor little one

But she braved on despite her fears

That she had to face everything all alone.
The old tree looked down in wonder

At the lovely little thing

Trembling with excitement, yet eager

To reach out and grab whatever future held.

The Lily stared back in childish amazement

At the towering, wise being

And wished she could be that instead!
While they looked upon each other

Across the chasm of their differences

They were struck by how similar they were

In their wars and in their defenses.
Someone else understood their rare connection too

And preserved it for eternity,

In a little frame hanging from a hook on a blank wall

That emphasized their absence of vanity.
No good turn should go unpunished… and thus, you are bound to me through these words that made so much more sense in my head than on the screen @janebasilblog ! Cheers to the beginning of something new! 


5 thoughts on “Mutual Admiration

  1. You go on your post and click where you put my name. It takes you to my blog, and activates a notification to tell me you’ve linked to me.
    I’ve just read the poem again. It grows with each read, as most good poems do. Would you mind if I printed it? I’d like to decoupage the sides of my bookshelves with poetry. I want to put your name to it but I don’t know what it is.

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