Strip Show

I have always been a good girl

But I would strip for you

If only that would let you understand

Why I do the things that I do.

You might see my body

Judge it fair or undeservedly.

But would that let you get

Even 1% of what makes me, ME?

Were I to unclothe my desires

And lay them bare and trembling,

You would quickly douse my fires

Saying it would bring down the building.

But if I gave but a tantalising glance

Of the hundreds of thousands of milling thoughts

Nothing could save you…Oh! Not a chance!

You’d be too busy trying to connect all the dots.

So I hide myself behind emotions you can name

And garb my insanity to fit your “sane”.

On the surface, I remain just the same.

But I know I’ll never let you see me again.


13 thoughts on “Strip Show

  1. OK so that’s your defensive pattern. Maybe it’s time to take the offensive… and what would that entail, if you want to please your man, not scare him, or make him angry? Men believe that women are emotional, but if only they realized it’s them who are the flighty, emotionally weak, unrestrained ones! Somewhere along the historical line men became estranged from women, and from nature. Personally I think it is up to women to bring men back to sanity. How is another story…

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    • You got me right on one count and wrong on the other. I’m always on the defensive – true. But my guy is the only one who doesn’t need me to be anything but me. He gets me, in all my craziness and wonder. This piece however was written keeping in mind the other people who expect so much but willing to cut no slack.

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        • Hahahaha! … fortunately for me, my 3 ex’s are best friends, so getting in touch is never an ordeal. In fact I’m working/holidaying at #2 ex at the moment… in beautiful Nanaimo, B.C. (Vancouver Island.) My daughter (who also lives here) promised to take me on a tour of the more picturesque ocean-front trails and parks… and buy me dinner. I’m looking forward to that too. Life is basically always good, but sometimes it’s even “gooder” hey? 🙂


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