Living In the Past

A blast from the past rustled the pages of memories;

Some flew loose from under tightly bound restraints

While others murmured their wistful complaints.

“Breathe in. breathe out. Repeat!” I admonished myself

What was gone could never ever be returned –

The innocence of an era long since burned.

The words try to stumble past my choked throat

No matter how hard I try to stifle them with pain.

Every time I push, they push back again and again.

Who are you to stir this hornet’s nest

And leave me behind when the stings appear?

While you do what you always do….disappear!


13 thoughts on “Living In the Past

  1. This is great.
    Why don’t you add more tags to your posts? If you tagged them “poetry,” “poems,” “dark,” “dark poetry,” and so on they’s get more attention. It’s fine to have a lot of categegories and tags attached to your writing, and it leads the right people to the right places xx

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