Time Waits for No One

Wait and watch. Wait and see.

Maybe there’s someone looking out for me.

Who could it be? Who could it be?!

That’s what I have to wait and see…

Looking to plant my money tree;

Fighting for my right to be free;

Will it all work out nicely?

That’s what I have to wait and see…

Bound nice and tight in jewellery,

Wrapped my pain in bright sarees,

Disguised my face colourfully…

Will someone see the real me?

Rich in stress and joylessness

Struggling to sort out this mess

What the hell is happiness?!

Hmm…I could try and take a wild guess!

Cover my ears and speak softly

See everything and live blindly

Who’s that horror looking back at me?!

That’s what u get when u wait and see!


14 thoughts on “Time Waits for No One

  1. Perhaps pointing to the obvious, but the only one who can possibly see the real “you” is you. Expecting someone else to see what you see, or perhaps to see more in you than you, yourself, can, is the set-up for huge disappointment that can lead to worsening of one’s condition. Also, the choice to “wait and see” is entirely one’s own choice. I’m not a patient person and all my life I’ve basically “gone where angels fear to tread.” No time for angels, I’m afraid! “Time and tide wait for no man” and there’s a right tide, and a right time, to launch the boat.

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      • Seeking approval, and it doesn’t matter from whom, is how “they” get you and keep you in thrall. I was brought up the same but I had a rebel streak in me that I kept and nurtured. Goes like this: why would I seek approval from individuals or a society that is itself totally dysfunctional, and doesn’t live up to its claims? Why live a lie the way they do? Better to go make my own mistakes, at least they’ll be mine and I can do something about it. But if I emulate a “f****d-up” society, I’ll make the same mistakes they do, and I’ll have to justify them because I won’t be able to fix them. That’s the whole problem with civilization: we seek approval from, or success within, an evil system, and how can we escape becoming the same then? That’s why I keep writing about detachment, self-empowerment and compassion. The compassion is absolutely necessary otherwise as we turn against our society bitterness and despair become our only options and it’s not the kind of life I choose for myself. We need joy in life, and compassion engenders joy.

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        • You are right again. Stay in line or the teacher will punish. From the childhood till death – there is always a distraught teacher isn’t there? I live in a country that works on the sole principle – what will people say? So we toe the line, kill our desires and try our best to fit in. Only to live unhappy, unfulfilled lives regretting, blaming, cursing and of course wreaking vengeance on those younger to us. Why? Because we never had it our way, why should they.
          So what do I do? Do I try to fit in or do I walk my own path? I do both. They say you can’t clean the dirt without getting your hands dirty. So I am trying to clean the system from within. Making small changes (that are too minute to attract attention, yet significant enough to change the future) one person at a time. Since charity begins at home, you know where I am starting from!


          • In my experience your choice is the wisest and only choice that can change anything. Only from within can we change the external. After long empty years of struggle with the whole concept of satyagraha or non-violent non-cooperation (thank you Gandhi!) and the deliberate and steady application of compassion in interaction with others I’m actually seeing some results. I wasn’t expecting them, but there they are. You plant and sometimes you reap. But you plant, that’s the part that matters to “you” and that’s what it means to be self-empowered. Another way of saying this is, you don’t give up on yourself and you endlessly create and recreate yourself, not according to preset programming or the impositions of your society, but according to the dream you hold of what the real you is eventually going to be. The society we live in, and it does not matter where on earth you happen to be, has erected for itself and thoughtlessly a civilization that is unsustainable and imploding. Nothing was ever held in reserve to prevent this massive, global implosion and billions (yes, that’s with a “b”) are going to die in it over the coming 3 to 400 years. Few can, or want, to believe that because of pride, and fear. But we are living in the beginning of the end of technocracy. The necessary “free” resources to maintain current growth rates are no longer available and alternatives are just so much wishful thinking: too little, too late. So wisdom calls now and says to one person: become what you desire to become and know that society will not support you. But do not become a martyr, for the same society that controls you also has no heart or empathy. It does not deserve martyrs, just a slow death, like the proverbial frog in a pot of water being slowly boiled to death without ever becoming aware of its fate: it’s too comfortable living in its fabled “now” world. So, says wisdom, “Detach, let it go, and create your self as you choose.”

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            • I am from the land of Gandhi. It is also a culture that believes in karma – you reap what you sow. Therefore, i believe in “sowing” only those things that i really want in my life. Of course, i am not perfect and mistakes do happen but there is something in me that assures me that those will be weeded out over time. the society is a double edged sword that can keep the insane in line yet not allow the creative to flow out. In the end, it’s just a set of rules that you can choose to follow or not. personally, i dont really care much about them. for me its not the masses who mean much but the opinion of those around me. i know that itself can also be a fairly restrictive thing and in the long run i know that i will be “letting go” more than i do. but right now, my world is my family – and thats the world i want to love in, follow the rules of and change if necessary. i am not looking at the big picture here; just my tiny little blockbuster! Does it make sense?


  2. This poem works well within the constraints – you didn’t force any lines into unnatural arrangements, and everything you said appeared relevant. It makes a clear, cohesive whole. I like the way you use such constraints to describe a constrained life.

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