What’s Cooking?

She says she doesn’t know cooking

So there is no use talking

Of techniques or flavours,

Or aromas or colours.

The only thing she gets

Is the food on her plate.

Yet she deep fries her lies,

And seasons it with tears.

And sautes to develop

The flavor of her fears.

A quick blanch can soften

Her tough cold heart.

And if you roast often

Everyone’s a piece of art.

She sugar coats her anger

Before baking it with vengeance.

Dollops of added hatred,

Oh! What a sweet indulgence!

She might find the kitchen

A foreign territory

But still she’s a certified

Master Chef of misery.


3 thoughts on “What’s Cooking?

    • Haha…exactly! However, i console myself that maybe it hits too close home for people to actually acknowledge it…then again, i don’t really have too much traffic on my blog right now…who knows, maybe the future will be different? 😉


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