Love after Marriage

He offered me his name and his house…though I already had those. Yet he didn’t give me his heart….and I’d already lost mine.


4 thoughts on “Love after Marriage

      • … then you live with a hole instead… until you learn to fill that hole with a new heart, one designed by you expressly to serve you. That’s joy. Where you find the material to build that heart, that’s another story. Could be your child; something you love doing; passion for music or art; giving yourself to serving others in some fulfilling way…? What I know is, the most common is the least rewarding: romantic entanglement and heart trading. Not because it’s necessarily wrong but because too much is taken for granted along the way and that’s because it’s too easy at the start; too seemingly perfect. That should be the warning: perfection is a chimera. By its very nature all of life is imperfect and constantly struggling to better itself even when it has to destroy large parts of itself to make corrections.

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