“I can feel your eyes trying to weigh me in to see which category I fit. You look right through everything else and just see me the way you want to believe I am. A quick judgment and I am tagged and bagged to be considered later when I rise in your estimate of my importance.”

“I have lived…and I have died…and I have suffered everything in between. I am an illusion of the glorious vision of my past, the embodiment of the cruel reality of the present and the hope for a future that is too bright to see clearly. Yet, when you look at me all you see is just another smiling face.”

“I am a sum of all your hopes and the result of all your ugliness. I feel the keenness of your disappointment as I prove a misfit to every name that you choose for me. It’s not as if I wish to act contrary; rather I struggle against who I am to submerge my consciousness in yours. Maybe it’s just not meant to be.”


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