A world of possibilities

In the dark of the night

While the world lies sleeping

Something inside me awakens

And stretches to fill up the spaces

Between my fingers.

It holds my hand and guides me

To a realm unexplored.

A land where I can live any story,

Rewind or fast forward,

To any life of my choosing.

I am a master of disguise

As I discard one mask after the other

Till I find the appropriate one

To fit my mood.

I am a warrior with a sword in my hand

Slashing deeply at the tendrils of seduction

That darkness weaves around me.

I am a singer of emotions

Stringing along random words

Till every song describes

Exactly how you feel.

I am a concubine

Sharing my love instead of my body.

Left behind with a warm bed

And a cold heart.

A fighter, a lover,

A superhero under cover,

A beggar or a saint

Asking people to have faith.

I am everything yet none

Can fully cloak me in their skin…

The clock chimes loudly

To bring me back to reality.

I look around at the life I truly have

And put my pen down once again.

Tomorrow will be a new story to write.


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