The Other Woman

​She wasn’t one to share.

For too long she had been the woman in their lives.

But now, things would change.

More room would be created,

In their house and in their hearts.
The warmth of her smile hid 

The calculating look in her eyes.

She judged her weight in metals and stones

And counted all the sins that she must atone.
With each key that left its place

On the pretty silver ring around her waist

She felt her control slip away slowly.

Bits of her had gone missing

And no one else seemed to notice!
She welcomed her rival with open arms

But things had to change for her as well.

If she had to share her home with someone

The latter would have to make sacrifices too.
So she chiselled away at her confidence

With barbed tongue and disgusted looks.

And frowned disturbingly if 

A bubble of laughter should escape her.

Till a shell of who she was remained.
To ensure eternal reign in the home

The mother hen had used the best weapon.

It killed softly but left no marks

After all the tongue was the softest weapon of all.


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