Scarred for Life

Everyone had told her she could be a model if she wanted. Alas, the fool fell in love with her face and scarred her soul in return.


28 thoughts on “Scarred for Life

  1. We three from the USA reporting. Over here, the commonest forms of male abuse of women include savage beatings, anal rape, facial disfiguration with knives, razors and acid, and murder – all because an innocent women fell for a subhuman male. We have a further problem here which is spreading about the world, and it is variously called “The Red Pill” or “MGTOW” (Men Going Their Own Way) movement. Both boil down to a basic and deep misogyny: women solely seek the richest, strongest, most potent alpha males to father their children, and then heartlessly dispose of them when their “contribution” ends. While there may be women like that, I’ve yet to meet one – and I’m 68 years old and I’ve known hundreds of women in that time as friends, acquaintances and the occasional partner. Most were good; a few, not so good; but to this day, whenever I hear of a woman being harmed by a man, I shudder. Is the world still really so insane? Working for change is the way to go.


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    • Hi Roy, I want to tell you about the condition in India. Here, the women are worshiped as Goddess (rather, the female form is worshiped). You would think that a culture such as this would treat women with more respect. I won’t be extreme and say that nobody does, but the percentages are definitely lopsided. Some boys driving around late in the night or early in the morning have the rights to pick up any lone woman who might be walking on the road. Reason? she is out so late so she must be looking to have a good time, right? they will use her and throw her out…just like they might dispose of a packet of chips. young girls who havent even reached puberty are raped and sodomised with different objects, just because they cant fight back. a stalker walked up to a woman at a busy railway platform and hacked her to pieces with an axe just because she said no to him. it doesnt matter how educated the girl is, most men seem to consider her as an object put on this earth for their sole satisfaction. a security guard in an apartment complex fancied a woman and decided to rape her. he planned things such that he obtained a key to her apartment and he walked up to do the deed. when she resisted, he stabbed her and ran away. she dragged herself to her neighbour’s apartment and tried to seek help but nobody wanted to get involved. so she bled her life alone in her apartment. rape victims are condemned for life – they are spoiled goods that no one wants to have. as if they had a say in the matter. the men who commit the crimes get away lightly and smugly. and i am only telling you about some of the physical abuse cases. the mental and emotional torture is a different ballgame altogether.

      no, i am not a feminist. i do believe in equality but not to that extreme level where i look down upon every man as an oppressor. child abuse cases among the male child is shockingly more than those for the girl child. gold diggers are prevalent in both the sexes, more in the case of women but can you really blame them for their programming? we have been taught that we are the “weaker” sex, vulnerable to anything that the man wishes to do. Obviously everybody wants to be in a strong position and money is the strongest balancing force there is. i dont support their decision, but i guess i can understand it a little.
      Roy, you got more than what you bargained with this right? i am so sorry. its something very close to my heart and something that i really want to change. i am still young enough to hope that one day i might.

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      • At 12,000 miles away I am somewhat but not totally unaware of what goes on in India. In a previous “incarnation” on the Internet, we had a Tumblr; and we got regular feeds from people in India about things. Things like the women who decided “enough of male violence!” and started forming groups; they wear pink and carry pink batons. You likely know the groups that I mean, I can’t at the moment remember what they called themselves.

        Time and vast differences in our present cultures cannot hide one fact. We in the West and numerous people in the Indian subcontinent are descended from an ancient “Indo-Aryan” people; one of their characteristics is that the men have full rights over the women and children; and if the culture has slaves, the men have rights over them as well. Ancient Rome was ruled by a strictly male aristocracy. Such a man was permitted to have sex with whomever he desired, as long as that person was a woman, a child or a slave. This was contemporary with the Rule of Rajuvula……who was a lot like the Romans.


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