Smoking kills…others

Even with my eyes shut, I feel its all-pervasiveness

This smoke that rises from my heart burning at his fingertips.
He laughs at the worry lines on my forehead
And says that a little fun never killed anyone…
So night after night, I sleep with the devil-
His musky perfume filling my lungs,
He promises to keep me safe
Till death do us apart.

One day I spit out my anger, bright red on white sheets,
Proof of my innocence for the world to witness.
Now that the countdown has started,
Am left with only regrets for the good girl that i had been.
I laugh at the worry lines on his forehead,
As he stumbles under the guilt of his sins,
And as I breathe the noxious smell again, I tell him
That his little fun does kill –
After all, it killed me.



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