Test of Love

“Think of it as a test”, he said. “You shouldn’t have anything to worry about…if you’re right. It’s only a matter of a few minutes and then everyone will be happy. Don’t you want to be accepted?”

It was so easy for him to say that, after all he wouldn’t be the one having someone probing around in his private parts. He had known that he was the only one in her life ever since they were children. Yet, here she was having this discussion with the one man who should not want any proofs. She wondered if the results of her virginity test would be sufficient to satisfy him or the society. And would she be able to live with herself after all that humiliation? This was his test too – he had to prove whether he would stand by her side or not…

Confident that she had finally seen sense, he entered her room with the elderly woman the next morning. There on the innocent white sheet were red stains that said “I passed, you didn’t”.

Prompt:  Test


27 thoughts on “Test of Love

    • Apparently a thin membrane can decide your fate, but your word can’t. Things that are done to women in the name of “tests”… For virginity, to prove they are not witches or possessed, etc. Yes, the man you mentioned slept with his bride and got their marriage invalidated on the grounds of her” failing ” the test.


  1. If every woman reacted in the way your heroine did, the practice would soon recede into the past – but it’s not easy for a woman to back out of a marriage contract, is it? And, ofcourse, marriage is seen as security.

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