Who is stronger? 

​It was the third time this week that the house was filled with the sound of breaking glass, and it was only Wednesday today. I shuddered slightly at the thought. There would be three more days to go through before the blessed Sabbath day. Even he know better than to make me work on a Sunday. I try very hard to make sure that none of the pieces ever prick me, but once in a while an errant shard gets through. It finely slices through my frail resistance before producing tears of blood. A single perfect drop of red sets like a ruby in the glass. I can sit and admire it for hours; but I know how he will react if he sees the blood. I would laugh, if I could. For a macho man, he can be quite a sissy when it comes to blood. I shake myself out of my reverie. There was too much left to do yet.


34 thoughts on “Who is stronger? 

  1. Yes, who’s stronger? The one who dishes it out, or the one who stays to take it? Maybe they deserve each other? Anything else that doesn’t work properly in our lives we fix, or replace – why not relationships? Most relationships that hit the rocks can’t be fixed while hanging onto them. That’s common knowledge. So why not just walk out, then later turn around and realize you were never meant to live together, just meant to be friends? Three of my best friends are ex’s… I learned!

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    • Some times living with pain or the tormentor can become a habit that’s hard to break. And then add to it the illusion of love and you’re stuck for life. Of course it’s healthier to move out but can’t figure out the wiring of these people. Is it fear or love or guilt that makes them hang on?


      • Perhaps all of the above; I call it the Stockholm syndrome and in some way it’s a global sickness: people extol the very elites who rob them blind and keep them in poverty and slavish subjection. If/when they’re given a chance to change things, they refuse to, at least until their condition becomes untenable and then you get bloodshed.


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