Different Strokes

My early memories of beauty revolve around watching my mother dance.  Somehow I was fascinated by every aspect of it; from her fluttering fingers illustrating her flights of fantasy to the graceful way her hip swayed to the rhythm. When she would perform at the annual function in the community hall, everyone watched as if in a trance. She glittered like a bejeweled butterfly, flitting from one pose to another in her bright costumes and elaborate make-up.

It was no wonder that when I was little and no one was around, I loved to play dress up. To wear a saree like her and apply a big vermillion dot on my forehead, that rose and set like the glowing sun, in the valley between my eyebrows. Like a restless deer prepared to take flight, my carefully made up eyes scanned the horizon to note any unwanted audience. However, like all good things, this too came to a slow and painful end once the adults found out.

“Alka’s boy likes to dress up as a girl! What has the world come to? She always thought she was better than us, dancing her way around her life; look what has come of her pride. I heard they are taking him to a doctor in the city. He had come home the other day to play with Ravi…I hope it is not contagious!”

Prompt:  Graceful

P.s. This post is not meant to offend anyone. It is just a fictional representation of a mindset that still very much exists. I firmly believe in Live and Let Live and look forward to the day when choosing one’s sexuality is not considered a crime. And no, it is not a disease.



9 thoughts on “Different Strokes

  1. The Patriarchy criminalized it while its leaders indulged themselves in its perverted sexual debaucheries, and this continues. But it isn’t contagious, although in my case I’ve known men try to emulate my transgender lifestyle because they thought that what made me popular was a physical (sexual) thing as they saw me freely and casually interacting with women who always felt safe and comfortable with me. They were disillusioned about that, having never realized the depth of self-discipline and self-denial that goes with making it a non-threatening, thoroughly successful way for expressing the compassionate (and completely sexless) life. The Patriarchy uses sex as a weapon of mass intimidation and subjugation against women and children.

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      • Well, it’s not that difficult since “sex” is essentially a matter of emotion. Learn to allow all emotions to dissipate by automatically not acting on them. Problem solved. If I were “god” and had control of the soul implant within Earthians, I’d tweak it just a bit so that all males would become sexually impotent by the age of 30. That would give them the rest of their lives to learn how to become human… and humane, no more of the stupid “Cherchez la femme” and other twisted sexual fantasies that prevents their growing up and facing real responsibilities. For females… I’d leave well enough alone.

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        • I had read somewhere that women were tantric by birth. i could never really find a satisfactory explanation for the same. i know it has something to do with the power of creation and conservation of sexual energy…but not very clear. do you know anything about this?


          • I’ve never sought to question, or study, the obvious so haven’t thought much about female sexuality except to note that it is very different than that of men. Earthian women are very complex beings, and have gone through much more difficult evolutionary changes than have men. In some ways which explains the Patriarchy’s desperate need to subjugate women, they are a “new and improved” type of humanity. Only they were not “improved” but genetically modified to serve the Patriarchy. It is assumed on earth that women, like other female primates, are naturally designed to bear young and nurture them as they do today. Quick study reveals this is false. Not enough time elapses between birth and ability to conceive again. There should be a natural gap of 4-5 years between the times a woman can become pregnant again to allow for the nurture of her infant and the storing of energy for the next pregnancy. In one lifetime a natural woman could naturally give birth to no more than 4 children. That was probably the original intent, to maintain a replacement level of the species, especially in the days when people lived much longer lives than they do now. So… something happened to the female. She was genetically re-designed to produce children for the System: for the mines, the fields, the wars. Where the term “manpower” comes from. She was no longer a mother, but a baby factory. Most women don’t know this, or refuse to accept such “theories” as possibilities but statistics don’t lie. Man’s population, even with all the horrors causing death, continues to grow exponentially, i.e., out of control.
            If we consider the natural cycle, women can “store” their sexual energies for a long time so that when they do engage in reproductive sex the power transmitted to the fetus is 100% effective and the child she bears is a healthy, quasi-god-like entity. Mythology is full of this kind of stuff. It can all be researched, but just common sense thinking reveals these ancient facts. People lived longer lives because they were born much stronger of mind and body and were not drugged by the innate violence of the subsequent imposed Patriarchy. Yes… there was another time when things were very, very different.

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