(Un)Conditional Love

You might have changed your view point

From a horizontal to a vertical plane.

Yet everything you say reminds me

That your point of view remains unchanged.

You may hide behind labels and brands

Your cruelly twisted frame of mind.

But no matter how trendy the clothes,

They can never conceal your dirty soul.

You sacrifice my pride on the altar of your greed.

A repeat performance, till I finally yield

Something more than I need to survive.

Another chapter in his-story – that’s my claim to fame.


8 thoughts on “(Un)Conditional Love

    • some people are like narcotics. they get you feeling high and then drop you till you can’t understand why you went for it in the first place. but then they will create a craving so strong that you get addicted…and of course then they will leave you a shell of a person. those who can write “herstory” wouldn’t be bothering with history in the first place. moral of the story: be strong.

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