What if God was one of us?

He built castles with looming towers and elaborate architecture and carefully painted them in the colours of the setting sun. It took Him completely by surprise when suddenly the wind blew it all away!


4 thoughts on “What if God was one of us?

  1. Here in the West we have a tradition that didn’t make it into the canon of the New Testament……unfortunately! It said that the “god” that created this world was a low-level supernatural entity named “Ialdabaoth” and he thought that he was the Most High God. Full of imperfections, he sought to reign over his “creation” with all of the evil intent of a psychotic despot, demanding undeserved praise and tossing into Hell anyone who displeased him. While the tradition survived outside of the New Testament, in practical terms, that describes the “Father god” of the Bible perfectly.

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