Living by the light of the stars

In a country as large as mine and with a culture that believes quite a bit in the supernatural and paranormal, superstitions are bound to develop. Every family has their own sets of rules that is closely set to take into account all the peculiar beliefs dear to them. This can include anything from no hair wash on certain days to walking in the reverse direction in order to not turn your back on the deity. But if there is one thing that a large majority believes in, it is the stars.

As per tradition, once a child is born, an astrologer is consulted to draw up the charts of the baby according to the pattern of the stars and planets at that particular time. This will then decide later on what stones he should wear on his body such that the planets’ effects are enhanced or subdued. Making certain offerings at specific points in life can ensure perfect happiness and financial freedom. Everything that is supposed to happen in your life is already written on a piece of paper.

What then is a person supposed to do? Live his life and make his own mistakes? Or have an astrologer predict the probable mistakes he is bound to make in the future, and thus live in the complete safety of inaction? Does a person even have the choice to live the way to or is it all pre-decided by someone who we have no hopes of seeing or questioning in this life time?

The day you were born

They mapped your life

In stars and planets

And wrote it down

For the world to remember.

If you ever chose to stray

From the path set for you

There would be evidence

Of your mistake for all to see.

Is it then fate that you only

Feel safe with colourful stones

And senseless offerings?

Will time decide what’s right for you?

Or would you ever choose the right time?

Will you forever tread the path laid out for you?

Or will you challenge a destiny that you never chose?

You decide.


One thought on “Living by the light of the stars

  1. “The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars but in ourselves that we are underlings…” (Shakespeare) Whatever the religious belief, or inescapable ensuing rituals, it’s all primarily about controlling people. One only needs look at the results, locally, nationally, globally, of such followed beliefs to realize the utter emptiness, if not the actual evil, of it. As you say, choose: it’s called self-empowerment.


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