Never Back Down

P.C.: Sarah Joncas

I had noticed him around many times
Fitting his footsteps in my shadows.
A smug grin confronted me
Every time I peeked from beneath lashes.
My unwanted self-appointed escort
Proved a creepy companion
With only smirks and lusty smiles to spare
In the name of communication.
Of course he made my heart race,
With fear and foreboding.
I dressed daily with him in mind
And covered every scrap of skin.
Cloaked myself in shame and trepidation
Yet he stripped me still with his eyes.
One fateful day when I least expected
Pride intervened and helped me straighten my spine.
I wasn’t the only object of his affection
But I could ensure there would be no others.
Daring and bold – the headlines hailed me –
The fearless woman who refused to look away.

Prompt:  Daring


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