Early Realization

It took me some time, more than most

But finally, thank God, I realized.

I realized

That it is not in giving that we receive,

For in today’s world, people take everything

And leave you with nothing but regrets.

I realized

That the wolf may wear the sheep’s skin

But in the end, he remains true to what he is.

People change, though not always for the good.

I realized

That the good will always end up last

No matter how fast they run.

Honesty, is seldom, the best policy.

I realized

That if you wait for the tide to turn,

You might as well wait for the Titans to return.

Both will wreak havoc while promising luck.

There are so many more things that I’ve realized,

That it is only fair to assume,

I have miles to go before I sleep.

Prompt:  Realize


6 thoughts on “Early Realization

  1. This is beautiful. I wish I didn’t relate quite so much to it. If I may offer my two cents, please try to hold on to the hope that honesty is, in fact, the best policy. Maybe not for the wolf wearing the sheeps skin, but for you. Well done. Bravo.

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