Daily Prompt: Don’t look back in anger

She curled up on the bed, hiding under the multiple layers of covers, hoping to sleep her way out of this nightmare. With her face buried deep in his pillow, she inhaled the perfume of his absence through a veil of tears. The shouts of their argument still echoed off the barren walls of their two room apartment. They had bought it with so much love but marriage had been cruel to their friendship. Weighed down by endless responsibilities and constant anxieties, it had finally broken down that night. He had left everything behind in the flat as he slammed the door shut to their disappointments. She had stayed up the whole night, simmering her anger on low flame till finally it had all evaporated, leaving behind an acrid residue of regret. The shrill cry of her cell phone shattered the night’s unnatural silence and filled her heart with foreboding. Nothing good ever came out of anger, why would tonight be any different?

Prompt:  Argument


9 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Don’t look back in anger

  1. When I was married, we tried to live by a Biblical precept, “Do not let the sun set on your wrath.” The both of us were simply too immature to put that into practice and we did part ways. And I agree with Sha’Tara’s sentiments. ~ Roy

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