Adventures of Finny

In the deep blue sea lived Finny the little fish

She swam in the deep waters wherever she’d wish.

Her Mama told her to be careful of monsters in the dark

But she wasn’t scared of anything, even a shark!

She scared the crabs awake while they slept

And took a ride on the sea horses as they leapt.

She tied up the octopus with a big pink knot

And painted the star fish with big black spots.

Finny was brave but she was silly too

For she never listened to what not to do.

One day as she watched two turtles fight

A shadow appeared and blocked the light.

While all her friends found places to hide

Finny swam to find out what was on the other side.

The next thing she knew, she was caught in a fishing net

The more she struggled, the more tied up she’d get.

The fisherman felt bad for the little one

And threw her back from where she’d come.

Scared little Finny sobbed and sobbed till her Mama told

“As long as you are smart, you can be bold!”

**wrote this one for my three year old. Mamas, would love to know what your kids thought of it!! 🙂 

Prompt: Careful


19 thoughts on “Adventures of Finny

  1. Aww, cute – I could almost see the chubby-cheeked (cartoon) fish carrying out its antics.
    I’m sorry i haven’t been around much – I’m a bit overwhelmed with words at the moment. Could we put our dual effort on the backburner until I’ve caught up?

    Liked by 1 person

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