​My thoughts seemed to unconsciously follow the rhythm of the chants. The sudden changes in the pitch jolted me out of my daydreaming ;the constant murmuring would lull me back. I loved my frequent visits to the fantasy world where everything was a possibility just waiting to be uncovered. I wasn’t a princess there either – that would make it a fairytale wouldn’t it? No,  I dreamed of things that could have been real were it not the handcuffs around my wrists and the mark of doom on my forehead. I wondered at this ritual that connected two lives and made it one – his. Or in my case, hers. The woman who poured love and unwavering affection on her first born had only acid for me… But this was the very thing I promised myself NOT to think of. I would rather be in my reality where there was space only for love and respect. My utopia.

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