Strength of a Woman

All my life, I thought

That I had finally nailed

All the right moves that

Princesses and fairies make.

The grace of a butterfly

Gently alighting on a flower,

The sweetness of a nightingale

Calling out to its lover…

I floated through my days

With dreams of fairy tales.

You were my Prince Charming

With a smile that never failed.

Then one dreadful day,

The weirdest thing happened.

I woke up to an empty bed

Where your smell still lingered.

I tiptoed across the room

Like a graceful ballerina

I heard you crooning softly

Words meant only for my ears.

For all my actions thereafter

I most solemnly apologize.

In my hurry to get rid of the disaster,

I tore totally destroyed your disguise.


Oops! How clumsy of me!

Prompt: Clumsy


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