Silence of the lamb

​I roam around the house, unheard, unseen. 

A ghost of all the things I once could have been. 

My new family has a new role for me

All I need to qualify is to stop being me. 

Roll up my tongue till it makes me gag, 

Unwind my tail and give a friendly little wag… 

And trust that if I succeed I will be selected 

To be a wallflower, forever undetected. 

I chose to erect strong walls around me

To keep me safe from this insane reality. 

But a cage by another name would still be a prison, 

A constricting viewpoint for a narrow vision. 

For all my misfortunes I wish I had someone to blame 

Who could bear the cross and clear my name. 

PROMPT : Trust


6 thoughts on “Silence of the lamb

  1. Ah well, I always think that nine-tenths of the revolution happens at the moment of awareness that something just isn’t right any longer. Now that you’ve stated that you are aware of the societal prison you live in, let’s see what comes next. Good write here, TGD.

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    • Yes you are absolutely right. We accept shackles so long as we are in denial. Then we can feel the righteous horror at everything happening to us. Once you realize, you can no longer just be a victim. Putting things in words helps me get it in perspective. To stop being an enabler. I like getting back the marginal control over my life every time I write. It’s like a personal rebellion that only I am aware of. And that is why it is imperative that results happen because I’ll always know the truth of what I did. Or didn’t.

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  2. I’m curious. Since I’m so far away from you geographically, it’s an “innocent” question I’m asking, and I’ll make it a general question: what happens to a woman who says, “No, I’m not subjecting myself to this!” Is she instantly ostracized by family, friends, employers and such?

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    • Not really ostracised – no. But then those who try to break free are kinda treated like freaks to be pointed at. I still remember there was a woman who had married a man below her status and another religion. She wasn’t invited to any social functions and when after several years she was, people pointed her out and gossiped. Maybe things are improving but I don’t know about them.

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