Test of Patience

“Mom, hurry up! C’mon!” she was yelling from the bottom of the stairs.

I raced down in my hastily worn shorts and a tee getting soaked with the wet hair. I had been in the middle of the most luxurious bath ever when I heard my youngest shout out urgently. Why does everything that could possibly go wrong in my world, go wrong just when I was the most relaxed? Caught completely off-guard, my heart beat raced to match my steps as I ran. I really must start working out more often!

“What is it? Are you hurt? What happened?!” I could hear myself mouthing the routine words as my eyes searched expertly for signs of injuries. When the report came back negative, my brain decided that there was something way more mystical at work here. I took a long deep breath and put on my cool and collected face. Then, I turned to see what she was pointing at…

And as you’d have it, the ice-cream truck had just rolled in and was already overwhelmed by the crowd of children milling over it. I checked the counter for some loose change and handed it over to her. As Iย watched her gleefully skipping across the yard I mentally gave myself a pat – I had managed to complete my assignment of the week for my anger management session.

Prompt:ย Urgent


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