I don’t think that I have ever waited for something so impatiently. Maybe not even the end of the nine months that would bring my bundle of joy to my world. With each number that added on, there was the impatient wait for the next one. Another person who would follow me. Another stranger that would listen to a story that I am too scared to share with the ones I know. Another set of eyes that would look deep into my soul and read between the innocent lines.

What is it about writing? I had always considered my words to be a therapy for my type of insanity. Something that I needed to do to exorcise the demons raging inside my heart. A few choice words and I could slay all my doubts and confusions. And if any vicious tongue dared to cross me, the sword of my nib was ever ready to slash forth to defend my honor. So when did it become just another means to gain approval?

Every post has suddenly become a way to measure my performance. Every time that someone reads something that I have to say, I feel like I am up on the stage. No, that is an exaggeration; though sometimes it does  feel that the likes and comments are a reflection of what people think about me. So now I have another platform where the opinion of other people might bother me. I find it ironic, considering that I chose this anonymity to speak my mind in the first place.

Oh, I digress. Where was I? Yes, waiting. Today I received a notification from WordPress gleefully informing that I now have a hundred people sharing my thoughts and pains. Hopefully that also means a hundred people who have unknowingly become a part of my mission to change the world (or at least a person’s view) one post at a time. It was a wonderful way to end a day.

A big heartfelt thank you to everyone who has chosen to be a part of my journey; especially Vihasi Shah for adding an everlasting smile on my face (at least till the end of this day!)

P.S. I am normally not so melodramatic. But what with being featured on my Alumni page  and then getting this WP news, I am kind of reverting to my childhood habit of bragging!!

Prompt:  Waiting


12 thoughts on “Waiting

  1. Congratulations on completing the first century! 😊
    You write well. If I may add, performance of a post should never affect your writing…for better or worse. Just be true to yourself. ☺

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