The Last Man Standing

“Dad, look! There is a Ferris Wheel growing out of a tree!”

The words of my three year old brought a smile to my face as I turned to see what he had stumbled across. The old giant stood looming over the foliage like the last man standing on the battlefield. All the blood that had to spill had been soaked up the hungry earth. Only the scavengers remained to devour the remnants of hope.

This place had once been filled with happiness and the shrieks of laughter. The hills were alive with the sound of the music coming from the carousel. Deft hands expertly packed clouds of pink and blue in transparent containers, promising a sweet melt in the mouth experience. Ghosts and monsters haunted the brave souls who ventured into the shadowy tunnels of the past while the cowardly shook in their boots at every scream that erupted forth from the darkness…And there it stood, all alone, regally looking down upon the whooshing and whirring of the other amusements in the park. The Ferris Wheel.

It was the first of its kind; reaching a height that topped the highest in the country by half an inch. It was from this additional leverage that it snottily dared the visitors to test their courage. It was still early days and no one who looked upon its fierce visage could fail to be awed. A few kids playing the truant mustered enough pride to stand up to its daunting challenge and climbed aboard. The showoff started without a sound. Effortlessly it tossed them up and down at increasing speed till they forgot which reality was real. Were there people actually screaming in horror as the ground splattered with undigested bits of their stolen lunch? Was it one of their classmates who, in his insanity, opened the protection belt and fell into the arms of the Mother Earth? Was every cycle taking them higher and higher into the sky till the thrill squeezed their hearts and made it stop?

That night, on its maiden ride, the Ferris Wheel had refused to stop. It wanted to show the world what it was capable of. It over-performed. The news next day reported the end of four young lives. No one mentioned the early demise of an amusement park.

This is written for Michelle’s Photo fiction #59


5 thoughts on “The Last Man Standing

    • Thank you. Don’t you feel that sometimes some things just compel you to put them in writing? This was one such. Been putting it off for a few days..but no, it had to be done! (Ok, i know way too much info than you asked for!! oops?!)


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