He’s got the whole world in his hands

“Can we really trust him? He’s like, our greatest enemy.” She says.

“I know, but the very world threatens to shatter itself into a million pieces, I don’t see that we really have any other choice.”

They look over to him, as he sits there, grinning proudly at them both.

They tiptoe slowly towards him, being careful not to make any sudden moves; it wasn’t a risk they could take. In his hands he held their most prized possession; their ticket to the jackpot; all the dirt they could gather up on the biggest tycoon in the country.

“C’mon darling, give it to Papa. I will take care of it for you and then we can go play some ball” he tried to coax the little chap.

“Ok, how about this – you hand it over to your father and we will go and bake a nice chocolate cake together? Doesn’t that sound awesome?” she tried to edge in her bargaining chip.

The little boy looks at his parents and thinks that maybe holding their laptop ransom was the best decision he had taken in all of his six years of age. He finally had their attention.

(Ok, Matthew I took up the gauntlet…sorry if I added too much of a maternal twist to it!)

For those who have trouble trying to fit your story into word limits, here’s someone who can put the wisest to shame. I have read many of his posts and find that the stories are very intriguing and leaves me wanting to know more. Always. Why take my word for it – Go check it out yourself and confirm!


13 thoughts on “He’s got the whole world in his hands

  1. You, just took that to a place I would have never taken it, absolutely brilliant. Subtle at first and then, bang, it unfolds, and it works fantastically. I’m humbled by your words at the end, but I do believe, the writer chose his words, makes his journey, but, it’s only when they write to be creative, to tell something, does the word count disappear. Thank you again, great job 👍

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      • One day I thought, ‘I can sit here and continue to try and make my writing meet the standards that I am told are acceptable. All the why this story was not accepted, why that story was not accepted, what I needed to change here, or there.’ That’s how the seeds of this all started, the greatest challenge, is not the one someone makes you take, it’s the challenges you choose for yourself. It’s really shaped so many things in my head, what I like, how I feel about ideas, music in my stories, the best time for writing, and more importantly, meeting the people I have through this blog, because, through everyone, I have grown, and I know, each of us, can say the same thing of our journey, and if you can’t, your not doing it right 🙂

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  3. Pingback: Day 162 – Alliances – 50 Word Story | Twisted Roads of Madness

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