Daily Prompt: Little Liar

I wished I had a reason not to think about you,

And then you went ahead to give me a million and one.

I watched you slowly morph from the Prince to a toad,

The glamour melted off your face as you showed what you’re made of.

How could I have been a fool to believe

That anything so artificial could ever feel real?

It seemed apt that the noise you made in response

Sounded like a cacophony of discords –

Like when I crashed your Mother’s favorite China

Against your Father’s treasured piano.

Like when you shred my heart in a million pieces

And then asked me to sew it back again.

I will not leave for what is yours is mine by rights.

You were in the wrong, now nothing you’ll ever do will be right.

I curse you with a life exactly like you deserve

May you find someone who shows love just like you did

And as you wipe the memories the hundredth time from your mind

May you always remember I was the best you could ever find.

Prompt:  Million


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