Let it rain

Raindrops fall today, pitter-patter,

On silent roofs holding back the pain

Of lonely hearts and empty dreams.

Drip, drip, drip till nothing is left untouched.

For the first time in forever,

Their eyes meet in the shadows cast on the windows.


Raindrops plummet out of tar-black skies,

Happy to finally break free of their cloudy prison

They hop and skip on slated houses and muddied roads.

Tap-tap on car window till the traffic stops

As one lone girl steps out and opens her arms to them.

“Welcome little ones, I have held you in my heart for so long.”


Raindrops tumble out of their hives like angry buzzing bees,

Murmuring their displeasure at being ignored

By people running and looking for shelter.

Why! They’d orchestrated such a brilliant show of

Flashing lights and booming bass only for their pleasure!

No one appreciated good music nowadays!


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