Learning poetry -2

So, this one is an attempt at simile which is “A simile, like its name suggests, makes a connection or introduces the idea of similarity between two concepts that aren’t intrinsically connected, leaving an interesting mental image in its wake.” Did i do it right? 

I tore another day out of the calendar

And watched it flutter gently to the floor

Like an autumn leaf bidding adieu to its mother.


It was just another way for him to say

“Wait, my dear. Till I make up my mind.”

And so I simmer, hoping he does before I boil over.


How long ago was it that I chose to surrender

My will to survive alone and free?

Now who will see my white flag, when I am the enemy?


Once I was, not too long ago, impervious

To love and it’s bandwagon of tears.

Today my best friend is an abused sodden pillow.


I douse my body with spices and herbs

And hope it’s the right combination to make him

Finally open the door to his heart.



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