Learning poetry – 3

I feel like I am on a roll now. The words are flowing and all those things that seemed too difficult for my thick skull, suddenly mock me on the screen! This one tries to explore a double acrostic with the two questions that have confused me for a long time while also trying to address the issues I face while trying to lose weight! (The first letters of the sentences together spell out – the real me. the last letters spell out – who can i be. i wish i could have been able to incorporate the question mark as well, but this is my first try at this type, so please excuse if it sounds really childish.)

There is something I’ve always wanted to know

How did I end up with such a huge big paunch?

Every day, without fail, I did my cardio,

Ran for an hour, round and round in an arc

Except on the Sundays, coz it’s my day to the spa.

All the beautiful food that I denied having seen,

Looked for revenge every night in my dreams, and I

Meekly bowed down to the inevitability of the job.

Ever hoping that one day, I would be the face in the magazine.



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