Unforgiven – 3

(In case you missed out on the previous bits of the story, you can read them here –part 1 and part 2)

I never missed watching a sunrise on a Saturday or a sunset of the day after. That was after all the only time I allotted myself to make a change. I wasn’t a caped crusader to rescue drunk youth from the hangover of their mess. Nor was I ready to be a Messiah for the emotionally disabled who looked for a hidden message in every sentence. No, I was just me and that was good enough for the mission I had undertaken. Charity begins at home. You can change the world one person at a time. Be the change you wish to see in others… You get the point. I was out to help someone achieve their sense of highest right. So what if that someone were me?

If there was a trait I was notorious for, besides anger management, it was my inability to let go. I was like a dog with a bone refusing to drop it till completely satisfied. I couldn’t happily believe that things were so since the elders knew best, because very often when put to the stand, they confessed to knowing absolutely nothing! Nobody else seemed as interested to complete their graduation in the art of living, hence I avoided them like a really stinky gas bomb. I wish I had a few stomach troubles of my own to discourage those too nosy to understand I wouldn’t back down just because they handed me a bagful of stupid stories. I was after hard-core evidence and nothing else would do.

Why was I born? Just to live and die aimlessly? I refuse to believe that the world’s best creations were absolutely useless. In fact I also refuse to believe the previous sentence. Only a fool would spend their entire life trying to destroy others. Like we do. If survival is to be of the fittest, which of us would fit the bill? We are an amalgamation of diseased minds and weakened bodies of emotionally high strung individuals. No one is a 100% fit, yet one century after the other, we continue to survive while ensuring that those around us perish.

(To be contd)


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