Learning poetry – 5

I mean absolutely no disrespect to anyone, especially not to those who have cracked the code to this mystery called Haiku. After racking my brains for hours, i have finally been able to make a little mess on the paper which has the right syllable count if nothing else. 

Thinking of things that

I could say has wound up tight

My terribly fragile mind.


4 thoughts on “Learning poetry – 5

  1. I tried out writing Haiku and other types of short “poetry” long ago and got fed up with it. Personally I don’t see the point of “not saying” what I want to say, or just teasing someone else’s mind, or worse, making it look like I’m really “wise” when I’m spouting gobbledygook. For me it’s “say what you mean, and mean what you say.” I’m not a fan of writing that leaves itself open to any and all interpretation, as in this 60’s saying we had: “I know you believe you understand what you think I said but I’m not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant.” Writing is a very specific communication tool. In my “world” it’s what’s communicated that matters, not the way the words are sculpted or twisted in distracting shapes. Someone can use a hammer instead of a key to open a glass display case. It will open but the key is better. Conversely, it would be very difficult to use a key to drive nails… I never got the part whether “haiku” is supposed to tease, entertain, or communicate some deep inner truths that it never released. Give me a good, clear statement any day: “Grey roiling clouds hung low in the skies; the wind blew steadily and cold. I shivered as I waited for the bus and watched autumn leaves blowing across the street shining under a yet unextinghished street lamp. Overhead a white gull swooped between two apartment buildings and cried. I thought, as I did most mornings on my way to work, this is going to be another long day.” Now to me that would say something real.


    • Exactly! I could not understand most of the haiku poems i read online. But don’t knock it till you try it right? I didnt want to give up on it just because i couldnt do it myself. But then hey, been there, done that and still not liking it! i really liked the 60s saying you shared. it’s actually true for so many things in life – miscommunication being the soul of misunderstandings and then misery. so many things going mis-sing that what remains is just a shadow. personally, i like writing whatever comes to my mind. be it a two liner or a ten pager or anything in between. i dont stick to any formats because i am too busy trying to jot down the words that the voice in my mind is saying. if i waste too much time “fitting in” (which is what i am trying not to do anyways) whatever it is that i want to say will get lost somewhere in between. i really like the way you dscribed “grey rolling clouds…” it’s so beautiful when words can paint a picture.


      • I think you totally have the right idea about putting down the words as fast as possible. Once they’re securely on “paper” (saved) then it’s time to read them over and make whatever adjustments are deemed necessary. I’m willing to bet you don’t have to spend a lot of time doing that… ! I really like your thoughts. You must be a keen observer of “life” as it happens. Keep ’em coming.

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