Daily Prompt: Learning Poetry 6

I have been playing the hooky past two days; my son’s birthday had me more excited than mine ever did. There was so much gift planning and endless cakes and whatnots. So anyways, this one was supposed to be an attempt (did it succeed) at enjambment where you’re supposed to break up the lines to create a little drama. if only i knew anything about html to create the smoky effect 😦

She takes all her memories and rolls them up

Tight, so she can kiss them a final goodbye before

She set them afire. Deeply inhales the smoke till

They form a part of her – Little black deposits on her soul.

She doesn’t quit; promising herself each time was the last.

If it felt that good, it couldn’t possibly be that bad right?

Then one day, she saw him. More lined than she remembered

Him to be. A little thicker around the waist that couldn’t be

Cinched in by a skinny arm on a younger body. A body

The opposite of hers. She signed in for some help, anything to help

Cure the addiction. Didn’t know she was signing up for another instead.

Prompt:  Smoke


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