Love at first sight

She had been calling out his name all night long; like a chant that created more and more energy with every repetition. The vibrations filled the air till the only thing that existed was the sound of his name from ruby red lips. Her longing was so palpable that he could taste it – sweet and sharp. Just like her. Oh, how he wanted to end her misery!

Everyone was celebrating – it was that time of the year. There were no rules to uphold, no standards to measure up to and most importantly no restrictions on where you may go. The world was theirs for the taking. Yet, he sat aloof from it all. The milling crowd sometimes hid her pale beauty from his eyes and he waited impatiently till she would appear again.

He was born the Prince of Darkness, unencumbered with a heart and soul. Then one day the inevitable happened. He saw her; and worse still, she saw him.Their eyes locked for a millisecond yet he knew that there was no going back. He could feel a soft thudding in his chest. He looked down in alarm and found that he had a heart; one that pounded rapidly as if ready to explode. His breath quickened and his senses were filled with unknown sights and aromas. He felt truly alive!

How could that be? What had she done? He looked up at her in distress and found his reaction mirrored on her face. A face that had gone pale and luminescent, just like his had always been. What manner of sorcery was this? He saw the first rays of the sun appear on the horizon and felt himself dissembling, even as his mind puzzled over the mystery.

That had been five years ago. She had been calling him ever since but he had remained strong. Tonight, he could feel himself weakening…

Written for Michelle’s Photo Fiction #61


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