The Proposal

photo by Sandis Helvigs via Unsplash "Ah, my love, I looked for the brightest star to put around your finger; but it appeared a lump of coal in your radiance. I sifted steadily through the tides of words; but couldn't string together the correct ones to express what I feel. With no other option left to … Continue reading The Proposal


Matters of the heart

​He holds a clenched fist on his heart And imitates the beat it should be playing. The fool hops and skips at his touch Making a different music of its own. It smiles for the pictures, but no one seems happy. It dances on the screen, but falters at their scrutiny. It just wanted to … Continue reading Matters of the heart

Grass is always green

Whenever I see a stretch of grassy loveliness, my first thought is to run the length of it till there is no breath left inside. I still remember the childhood days when every winter would mean an elaborate picnic where the only thing that we had to do was gorge on gorgeous food and run … Continue reading Grass is always green

Endless Search

She walked through the maze, hoping that one of the paths might lead her to her lost mother. They had said that she had taken the road less traveled from where one rarely returned. Her father watched her from the shadows, too scarred himself to help her understand the truth. Written for Sonya's Three Line Tales … Continue reading Endless Search

A life less free

This story is based on a true incident, though I have incorporated enough fiction to make it sound unreal. In India, there are some villages in Maharashtra where there is a practice that is still continued. Once the girl child reaches puberty, she is taken to the "market place" and put on auction. The highest … Continue reading A life less free