Lipstick on my Collar

Once upon a time, not too long ago

Every time she kissed me, she had to bend low.

A little red mark;

A piece of her heart,

Remained on my cheek, as she turned to go.


Today, I look down as she tries to lift

Herself up on toes, to bridge the giant rift

That has grown between

A mother and her teen,

Before she settles on a new spot to bestow her gift.

Prompt: Giant


6 thoughts on “Lipstick on my Collar

  1. Nice, though at first read I was confused as to who was who. Hint: that last line doesn’t quite fit. I know you “need” to match stanza lengths, but it read better without that last line… (and that’s a critique, not a criticism… 🙂 )

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    • Lol. You’re right in that the last line might seem out of place. But I wasn’t going so much for rhyming. More of trying to explain the mark on the collar 🙂 maybe if inspiration strikes I’ll be able to frame it better and edit.


  2. That was lovely. I saw the prompt at the bottom, “Giant.” Are you writing poems based on prompts? If so, good for you. I’m terrible at poetry, but I realized that reading some might turn me the right direction. My husband, a published poet, has been helping me a bit. I just finished my first experience with Robert Bly, and I am in love

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    • Hey, sometimes i write using prompts or based on any of the challenges thought up by all those creative bloggers out here. But often it’s just that i have things to say that need saying (for want of a better word), with or without a little nudging. I was really poor at poetry but with the current situation i’m in, my cell phone is the most handy place to write and just the thought of typing out an entire story or prose on my touch screen puts me off the task. So its a lot of poetry till i start my laptop! Reading other bloggers work always encourages. It is amazing that your husband is so successful at writing. You’re like a super writing duo! There is this book by Richard Bach called Curious Lives. There is a story in that which I thought to be very inspiring – about writers and characters telling their own story. Give it a read if you get a chance.

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