What Men Want

He was sitting in the blind spot of a brightly lit lobby, waiting for her to appear. Unaware of what it was that he wanted, he waited for a sign to tell him she was the one. When he saw her enter, he wished she was the woman he had been waiting for. He didn’t want someone who spent hours primping her face and her clothes; he would rather she primp her mind and soul. He looked frantically as she disappeared from his horizon – where could she be? There was a tap on his shoulder, she was by his side. Exactly where he wanted her to be.

Prompt: Primp


15 thoughts on “What Men Want

    • Thanks for letting me know. I usually upload from the app and since its black font on white background it’s pretty visible here. On the site the theme is different so invisible maybe… I’ll check and change! Thanks!! 🙂


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