Grass is always green

Whenever I see a stretch of grassy loveliness, my first thought is to run the length of it till there is no breath left inside. I still remember the childhood days when every winter would mean an elaborate picnic where the only thing that we had to do was gorge on gorgeous food and run around the whole day. While it seems quite unimaginable today, there was once a time when technology had not intruded in our lives and yet, life was beautiful. In fact more so, since we actually took the time to notice everything around us. The long branches of the trees invited nosy explorations. Pretty flowers begged to be roped into a tiara or a fancy princess-y hairdo. And the various shrubs and bushes promised cover in games of hide and seek. Ah! To live like that once more!

The kids burst out of their grey sedate vans

And ran joyously across the green expanse.

“Ah! To be young and free”

He thought wistfully.

What he wouldn’t give to get a second chance.

Written for dVerse Poets Pub.



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