The recent move by the PM has been hailed as an extremely bold move that will conquer multiple problems at the same time, including the biggest of it all – terrorism. However, it has also led to a problem. In India, as is elsewhere, it is a standard practice for the women to save up money for a rainy day. Usually this amount is kept a secret from the family members, especially the husband. So this sudden announcement has caused a lot of flurry. The womenfolk had to disclose their savings and in quite a few cases, there was no getting it back. Now, this little piece that I have written is keeping in mind the woe of a lady stuck in a bad marriage. Having a secret stash would have ensured freedom down the line. What does the decision to demonetize mean to her?

It had taken a lot of patience over the years,

Marked by a haze of pain and endless tears,

To save up a wad of cash

In her secret little stash.

But demonetization put things in reverse gear!


5 thoughts on “Demon-etisation

    • While this is a great move by the government, it has been a nightmare for the women. Since a large proportion has been homemakers, everyone has a secret stash that they’ve put together. and now they have to declare it.


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