Feeling special

To start off, let me just say I absolutely love my husband. He’s a wonderful man who does everything in his powers to make me as happy as he can. After this disclaimer, I think it’s safe to put up this poetry that may or may not seem exaggerated … but hope that it gets a few understanding nods and smiles anyways!

When we got married, it was made very clear

That he was the elder of the two by a long year.

He said he’d take care of me, I had nothing to worry –

So long as I learnt how to make his favourite curry.

A life of pampering and coddling is what I can expect…

Just as soon as he finishes watching the show coming up next.

He promised he would do anything just to make me smile…

Elbow-deep in dirty dishes…I knew it would be quite some while.

His puppy dog eyes would fill me with deep regret

For saying all the things cranky people said.

But I knew things were headed way downhill

When he said the words that gave me a chill –

“Let’s have a baby!” he said, all happy and joyful.

“Another child?!” I thought, feeling super frightful!


14 thoughts on “Feeling special

  1. Bottom line, a woman is at the mercy of the man throughout most of Earthian society, even in the West. If he’s a “good” man, she may have an equally “good” life. If he’s not, she may spend a life in hell. Society, as a general rule, will be of little help, at least until it’s too late. How do women get out of the entire trap, or does it remain a “crap shoot” of marrying the better man? I have a better question, considering that the population is at 7.4 billions on a world that can perhaps maintain 1.5 billions at best, why do women continue to bear children to men, for men when so much of it ends in pain, suffering, rejection, hunger and untimely death? Who is at fault, if fault there is, and if this is a “no fault” condition, then why is it being discussed at all as if there was something wrong with it? My question is always the same: what is the source of the problem between men and women? Are they not supposed to be designed to love each other? Why is there such conflict? I could ask these questions all day long, maybe 24 hours, 7 days a week, why does no one answer? Why this great silence of the lambs? Sure, plenty of people talk and write about the problem, but where is the solution? Who is willing to make a mental effort here?


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