Things I couldn’t say

Childhood is the most amazing part of most people’s lives. Everything is only sunshine happiness and all the things bright. However, there are some people who have been blessed with the trick to screw everything up….for everyone. When a child comes in contact with such an evil person, life no longer seems worth living. The worst part is that though the child experiences guilt, sorrow and hurt at the things he/she is forced to feel, he/she doesn’t know what to do with that information. Many parents still feel that ignoring that the problem exists is the best solution possible. But if left unchecked, such activities can not only hamper the child’s overall growth and development but also leave a permanent scar. For some, it becomes a nightmare best forgotten….for some others, it is a life best not lived.

She cuddled me on her lap – I felt safe.

He caressed my face and made me restless.

She hugged me tight till my heart felt full

He embraced me hard and I wanted to pull (away).

She kissed my cheeks and my cute button nose.

He tried to kiss my lips…and bile arose.

She wiped away my tears and made things right.

He liked it more if I were to kick and bite.

Oh, Mama, how I wish you were there

Every time he stuffed my mouth and pulled my hair.

Oh Mama, how I wish I had been strong

And stopped everything from going wrong.

I couldn’t point him out or call his name,

So I kept acting like everything’s the same.

Please forgive me, for all the things I couldn’t say.

I want it to stop and I don’t know any other way.


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